TL;DR: We’re making our Team Plan entirely free!

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In the last year, our team has added lots of new features and we’ve been lucky to see Eventbot usage grow. Users from around the world, in social groups and businesses have relied on Eventbot to power their calendar inside of Slack! We’re a small profitable company on a mission for better calendaring. And now we’re taking a big step to sharing that with more teams. We’re officially moving our paid Team Plan features to provide them at no charge in our Free Plan!

The Free Plan now includes features like importing a calendar, personalizing RSVP buttons and exporting events to your users’ personal calendar. We’ve even bumped up the number of users allowed on the Free Plan to 50, so now more users can get in on the fun! 🎉

Why are we doing this?

No, we’re not getting acquired or shutting down. Simply put, we think it’s a smart move. Nearly 40% of Eventbot revenue had come from the Team Plan, so it will have an outsized impact to our bottom line. However, there’s an implicit cost to this revenue, which is lost usage. Every month we talk to many many teams who seem to need Eventbot but can’t pay for the Team Plan. We’re betting that shifting these features to the Free Plan will drive more usage, increase growth and make good business sense in the long term. 📈

What if I already bought the Team Plan?

For teams that have purchased a paid subscription to the Team Plan, we’ve stopped billing you for any monthly fees. You can still use the same features, with all your existing events, now without paying! If your team purchased a Yearly plan (paid upfront), we’ve also sent prorated refunds to your credit cards. You may get an email about a “cancelled plan”, which is to be expected as we’ve stopped offering a Team Plan and have moved everyone to our more robust Free Plan. All your events are untouched, so you’ll find things pretty much exactly like they were (just free).

Are the Business and Enterprise plans changing too?

Nope! The other paid plans are staying the same. As always, we’ll continue adding features across all plans to make your Slack calendar even more useful. We’re very excited to make Eventbot accessible to more teams and hope you’ll give it a try. If you’ve got ideas, questions, or suggestions, please send us 💌 a note or tweet to us and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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