Shared Channels

Among Slack’s most powerful features are shared channels which affords the ability for two distinct workspaces to communicate across a single channel. Although Eventbot has supported shared channels, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made significant improvements. Eventbot will provide a consistent experience for easy collaboration between workspaces in shared channels. To schedule that coffee, meeting, or celebratory launch party just type /events in a shared channel to get started.

But, what specifically does this change mean? Here are some answers in a clichéd but handy Q&A format.

If only one workspace in a shared channel has Eventbot, can the other workspace use it as well?

Yes! Users can RSVP to events, view details, get private reminders, and see public in-channel event notifications. However, they cannot share or create new events until they install Eventbot in their own workspace.

So, in a shared channel, if a user from one workspace types /events, and a user from the other workspace does the same, will they see the same list of events?

Absolutely. In Slack it’s truly a shared channel, and now Eventbot treats it the same way.

What if two teams have installed Eventbot, but they’re on different paid plans?

The advanced features available on higher paid plans will remain the same, but all users in a shared channel may benefit from them. For instance, if Workspace A is on a paid plan and creates a recurring event in a shared channel, Workspace B (free plan) can still RSVP and see the notifications. However, Workspace B cannot create a recurring event until they upgrade.

I don’t know what shared channels are and I don’t care. Am I affected by this?

No, not at all. You can continue using Eventbot just as before.

As always, we love your feedback. If there’s something with Eventbot and shared channels that isn’t quite working as you expect, let us know.

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Photo by Stephanie Pombo