TL;DR: Now you can pay for Eventbot annually, with a discount!

new pricing plansHave you considered upgrading to a paid Eventbot subscription? Today, we’re adding a new annual payment option, type /events upgrade to get started.

What’s changing?

We’re introducing annual pricing for Eventbot’s Team, Business, and Enterprise Plans. These annual plans will allow your team to purchase Eventbot’s paid plan upfront, so that you’ll only receive a bill once per year. Plus there’s a discount! When paying yearly, we’ll provide a discount on the normal monthly cost.

coinsOf course, you can keep your existing monthly subscription - nothing will be changing for existing plans. You can always start on a monthly paid subscription and move to a yearly paid subscription at any time. Here are directions how to switch from monthly to yearly billing. The new annual prices provide a 10% discount compared to the monthly cost so that the Team Plan costs $96 yearly (compared to $108 over 12 months), the Business Plan costs $312 yearly (compared to $348 over 12 months) and the Enterprise Plan costs $1,068 yearly (compared to $1,188 over 12 months).

Note on non-profit & educational discounts

We will continue to offer our 50% discount for non-profits and educational institutions. This means the Eventbot Team plan can be purchased at the lowest possible price of $48/year since the Team Plan costs $96 yearly combined with the 50% non-profit discount. We’re proud to continually offer affordable options to groups who are doing great work around the world.

Why offer annual plans?

Many organizations, particularly large ones, have requested annual payments. A single annual payment saves the Accounting department from having to approve and reconcile each monthly payment. Plus, if you are an employee purchasing Eventbot, you only need to be reimbursed once per year instead of every month. Great news for all! However, the oft-cited request for annual pricing has been that our customers credit cards change over time. Perhaps you’ve lost your credit card, or it expired recently - the act of finding every subscription to update credit card information can be a real pain. With annual pricing, you’ll get to use all the advanced features for a year before payment is re-billed. We’re glad to make life a bit simpler with annual pricing.

Get started with /events upgrade

Just type /events upgrade inside Slack to tell Eventbot you want to upgrade your plan. If you have some questions, we’re here to listen to every comment/question you’ve got. Send us 💌 a note and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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Photo by Ibrahim Rifath // Unsplash