TL;DR: Now you can RSVP “Maybe” to events inside Slack!

sign post two waysWe’ve got a brand new feature in Eventbot this week - the ability to RSVP Maybe in Slack! In our May survey of Eventbot users, this stood out as a highly requested feature amongst all teams so we’re happy to get this in your hands quickly!

What’s changing

Today in Eventbot, you can express that you are going to an event or decline attendance. The default options let users chose between ✅ I’m Interested or ⛔ Decline. This works for most events, however many users want to express a third option that expresses interest, but not committal yet. Event organizers have also told us about the need to know more detail about who’s definitively coming to an event and who may be casually interested. This is why, we’ve changed Eventbot’s default options to: ✅ Accept ❓ Maybe ⛔ Decline

maybe rsvp option These new RSVP options help organizers know more certainly who is going to attend the event, plus gives undecided users a chance to express potential interest. When you choose the “Maybe” RSVP option, you’ll be listed as Maybe attending in the event details. You’ll also be able to set a personal private reminder before the event start time, and even get notifications if the event is changed, moved, or canceled. Like our other RSVP options, you can customize “Maybe” to be any text you wish on our Team Plan.

Why did we make this change?

We decided to allow another RSVP for a few reasons. To start, the ability to RSVP “Maybe” is built-in to Google Calendar, Outlook, and other personal calendar applications. Yet that’s not enough by itself. However common the feature, we want Eventbot to be genuinely useful inside Slack (not just a reproduction of features because they are expected). So we surveyed our users and got lots of feedback about the utility of a new RSVP option. It turns outs that the “Maybe” option is very useful as a real expression of a user’s state of mind. While this does introduce some “wiggle room” for people to procrastinate the decision to attend an event, many attendance decisions are only made at the last second so the Maybe option is critical for that user expression.

Another reason we are introducing the “Maybe” option is that it allows more discussion with event organizers. Perhaps you want to attend an event, but have guests or are worried about coming late. With a binary choice (✅ or ⛔), a user may shy away from these definitive RSVP options so these issues might never be uncovered. Overall we think the “Maybe” RSVP option has real value to opening up participation in the event and adds a bit more value to attendees.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do a thing! All Slack workspaces using Eventbot will automatically get the “Maybe” option. Type /events in a Slack channel to see it on your existing events! Any users who have RSVP’d to an event as ✅ I’m Interested will now be listed under ✅ Accept. You can always change your RSVP choice at any time by typing /events interest and selecting a new RSVP option. Events in the past are not editable, so they’re not be affected by this RSVP change.

What do you think about the Maybe RSVP option? Excited for it, worried about it, can’t wait to use it? Tell us your thoughts 💌 via feedback - we’d love to hear from you!

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Photo by Pablo García Saldaña // Unsplash