TL;DR: Three small but mighty features now live in Eventbot!

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Eventbot has received some big upgrades recently, like exporting an entire channel calendar and seeing months ahead in the visual calendar. However, we’ve also introduced a few smaller features that you may have been missed. Let’s review three smaller features that you’ll see in Eventbot.

A new UTC timezone

Eventbot needs to know your timezone to set reminders, post summaries, and generally show the event at the right time. A team of scientists using Slack and Eventbot mentioned a need to use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) as their default timezone. UTC has an interesting history and is used as the basis for most timezones. Since UTC does not shift with daylight savings, it is relied upon in aviation, computer networking, and scientific laboratories around the world. We worked with users to add a new UTC timezone option in Eventbot which will help more teams share events in Slack. If you want to switch your workspace timezone to UTC, type /events settings in Slack and select Timezone.

Better support of all-day events

About 10% of events made in Eventbot are “all-day”, which means they have a start date (but no start time). Some examples would be a day-long conference or an out-of-office schedule. Previously, when Eventbot showed the dates for an all-day event we displayed the day and month. Now we’re also displaying the year, which is helpful for all-day events planned far into the future. In addition, you can now create an all-day event that starts today!

More options for recurring events

One thing we’ve noticed about calendars is the sheer variety of events that folks make. Eventbot has support for the most common event recurrences types, such as events that repeat every day, weekday, week, two weeks, month, etc. This worked well for most users, however this support didn’t cover all variations of recurring events. When users started to import calendars to Eventbot, we saw many new custom types of recurring events. After gathering data and talking to many of our users, Eventbot can now handle many custom recurrences like “every 10th day” or “monthly on the 2nd Wednesday” or “every 3rd week on Monday and Friday”. These custom recurring events are only found in external calendars, but we want Eventbot to handle as many event variations as possible! If you run into any exceptions, we’d love to hear about it and improve Eventbot.

Our goal is to build a bot you’ll love, so please send us a quick note 💌 with any ideas, suggestions, or comments. We answer every message and would love to hear from you!

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