TL;DR: View upcoming months with Eventbot’s upgraded visual calendar

see future imageEventbot’s visual calendar is unique among all the Slack apps. It allows teams to visually see their events in the traditional calendar view inside Slack (no switching between apps). No other calendar plugins for Slack have this capability, and now it’s getting even better! This week we released an upgrade to the visual calendar that allows you to choose which month to display. Previously Eventbot could only show the current month, but now you can visualize your schedule up to a year in advance!

How can see this new feature?

visual calendar monthsType /events calendar to bring up the visual calendar. You’ll see a dropdown at the bottom left, where you can choose a date range, including the new future month views. Users can now browse through the channel’s calendar visually including any imported and recurring events. This feature is available on Eventbot’s Business Plan, which your Slack workspace can try our for free with our 14-day trial.

Moving current month view to Team Plan

When we ship new features into Eventbot, we evaluate the full suite of features across all plans (especially those on paid plans). When we added the ability to see months in the future, we decided to move the “current month view” from Business Plan ($29/mo) to the less expensive Team Plan ($9/mo). This change was heavily requested and we’re very excited to offer this in Team Plan, as we hope more teams will utilize it.

If you haven’t seen our visual calendar view, take a look at our FAQ article to get familiar with how it works. As always, we’d love your feedback on these changes and any suggestions you might have so please - 💌 send us a note.

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Photo by Jose Ros // Unsplash