TL;DR: See all your channel’s events in an external calendar!

export slack calendars google bridgeWe’re happy to announce a new feature rolling out to Eventbot paid plans. Now you can export the events from an entire Slack channel to an external calendar! 🎉 We’ve heard many of our customers tell us how they are using separate Slack channels for tracking social gatherings, vacations, and many other types of events. It’s easy to miss a new event with so many channels and fast-paced discussions. Now you don’t have to worry about missing events again. Eventbot will give you a unique link for each channel and deliver those events to your external calendar like Google, Outlook, or iCal. As always, Eventbot will keep your external calendar updated as events are added or changed in the Slack channel.

How is this different from the current export feature?

Previously, Eventbot would export your personal events - specifically those events which you RSVP’d to (no matter what channel). This new feature allows your team to get the events from a specific Slack channel automatically, without having to watch for new events and manually RSVP! You can export the events from a public channel, private channel, or even a direct message! The channel export will even export events which have RSVPs disabled (for example, out-of-office events).

How many channel calendars can be exported?

The number of Slack channel calendars that be exported is dependent on the paid plan you are subscribed to. The Team plan can export one channel, the Business plan can export 5 channels, and the Enterprise plan can export 10 channels. If you need more than 10 channels exported, just send us a quick note.

Take a look at this FAQ article, that goes into more detail about how this feature works. We’re constantly adding new features to Eventbot and hope this new export ability helps your entire team stay engaged. If you’ve got thoughts, questions, or ideas - send us a note as we’d love to hear from you! 💌

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Photo by Bruno Kelzer // Unsplash