TL;DR: You can now set event reminders for 1 week and 2 weeks!

import slack calendars Our team is always adding new features to your favorite Slack bot 😃 and this week we’ve added a few new reminder options! Now when you RSVP to an event, you can choose to receive a reminder 1 week or 2 weeks before the event start time. These reminders are delivered via Direct Message (DM) and you can always customize your reminder upon RSVP’ing to an event.

These additional reminders are a direct result of some great user feedback. We had multiple teams ask for more reminders to serve a real need. One team wanted to get the 1-week reminder as a way of planning a content schedule. Another team hoped to use the 2-week reminder for party planning. Whatever your use, we’re happy to add these options to Eventbot.

Did you know?

In addition to your personal reminder (delivered via DM), Eventbot also reminds the channel about your event! Once an event has been added to a channel, Eventbot will post a short “heads up” message a few minutes before the event starts. This reminder is posted to the channel for everyone to see - so it’s very handy to bring in those last minute attendees. As always, if you have ideas about reminders, new features, or dream about calendars as much as we do - let us know, we’d love to chat! 💌

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema // Unsplash