TL;DR: Pull events into your Slack workspace automatically!

import slack calendars

We’ve been working hard these last few months on a big update to Eventbot and it’s finally ready! Eventbot can now import events from any external calendar directly into Slack! 🎉

In addition to creating events inside of Slack channels, now you can tell Eventbot to pull events from external sources. Perhaps you have a shared holiday calendar in Outlook or you want to keep up with events from your local Meetup group. Once you import those calendars into a Slack channel, Eventbot will do the work to make sure events are up to date and will notify you when new events are added! As always, you can then RSVP to events, invite other users, and post them across channels.

import logos calendarsEventbot is compatible with nearly every calendar by utilizing an common industry standard (ical/ics). This means your team can import events from any source, including: Outlook, Google, Basecamp, Meetup, Trello, Airtable, Asana, and hundreds more including Wordpress websites. You can even have a single channel (like #events) importing calendars from multiple sources! Eventbot is the first bot to bring the full world of events into a Slack workspace and we’re excited to see how you use it!

Importing calendars is available on all ⚡ paid plans and free trials, with certain limits per plan. When ready, simply type /events import to tell Eventbot which calendar you’d like to import. More details about how importing calendars works can be found in our FAQ.

Importing events has been one the most highly requested features for Eventbot, so we’re excited to get your personal feedback and improve the experience for your team. If you have questions about an external calendar, certainly let us know and we’ll look into it! 💌

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Photo by Nathan Riley // Unsplash