TL;DR: Create events with custom recurrence options, like 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Slack event calendar recurringWe’ve been hard at work, improving Eventbot features and listening to your feedback. Today we released an improvement to recurring events inside Slack. Previously, our Team Plan allowed you to create a repeating event with fairly standard options. Those standard recurrence options were every day, weekday, week, two weeks, month, and year. While those make up the most common recurrence options, we heard feedback about more customized options. For example, if you wanted your event to repeat on the 3rd Wednesday of every month - that’s a challenging but reasonable request.

So we made Eventbot a bit smarter enabling these custom recurrences. Once you specify the start date, Eventbot will display recurrence options based on that date as well. So if you’d like an event that repeats on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, just ensure the start date is the 3rd Wednesday of the month - so you can select this recurrence option from the drop down. This new option, along with recurring events generally, is available on Eventbot’s Team Plan or higher. We hope this lets you make the events you need, all within Slack.

Do you have a custom recurrence option that you’d like Eventbot to support? Or just want to send us your thoughts - send us a note! 💌

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Photo by Curtis MacNewton // Unsplash