TL;DR: Let your Slack team know about your holiday plans with Eventbot

out of office slackThis time of year often means time away from our computers joined by family and friends. 🌲 Let your Slack workspace know what days you’ll be away by creating an out-of-office event. Using Eventbot, it’s a quick and easy process that your whole team can use. Here are the 4 steps to add your out-of-office to Slack:

1. Type /events create.

Decide which channel or direct message (DM) to add your event to. When ready, type the command /events create. This allows you (and anyone in Slack) to create a new event via Eventbot. Don’t worry, this command won’t be seen by anyone else in the channel - just you.

2. Add date/time to your event.

You can create events that span hours or days. To make an event that span multiple full days, use the format 12/24/2019 - 12/28/2019. This ensures your event is an “all-day” event. If you need to add a specific time, you can do so with a format that includes the times after each date, such as: 12/24/2019 1pm - 12/28/2019 5pm. The Details section is also a great place to add notes like if you’ll be reachable by email, phone, or not at all.

3. Decide if you want Advanced Options.

Events like an out-of-office, holiday, or vacation can be simple events or you can add an advanced option like disabling RSVPs. This feature is only available on the paid Eventbot Business Plan, though you can always start a free 14-day for your workspace to allow everyone to test it out. Once on the Business Plan, choose “Yes, select advanced options in the next step”.

4. Optionally choose to disable RSVPs

Finally, you’ll see your event in a draft state with a button “Select Advanced Options”. Once clicked, look for the RSVP Options and choose “Disable RSVPs”. Once you are ready, click “Create” to finalize your event and publish it to the channel.

🎉 That’s it! You’ve created your out-of-office event and notified your team. If you’d like to ensure others see your event, click “Invite” to post your event across channels or invite people directly. Eventbot is your team’s shared calendar in Slack. If you’re considering Eventbot in your workspace please take a moment to tell us your thoughts! We’d love to hear from you! 💌

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