TL;DR: Use these five Slack apps to help organize your holiday events

The holiday season is upon us and your team deserves a great holiday party!🎁 Whether your organizing a gathering for 5 or 50 people, you can use Slack to handle time consuming tasks and also get your team engaged in the process. We’ve got you covered with the best five Slack apps to make your holiday event a success. Let’s jump right into our list!

Eventbot to schedule the party and collect RSVPs

Slack calendar eventbot logoThe holidays are a busy time, so make sure to schedule your party well in advance using Eventbot! With Eventbot, you can create your event, invite others, and collect RSVPs directly in Slack so everyone will be sure to remember it. We also suggest clicking “Invite” to share your event across multiple channels and spread that holiday cheer. 🎄

SimplePoll to choose snacks and drinks

simplepoll logoEvery great holiday party should have some delicious treats! Use SimplePoll inside Slack to easily ask your team about their favorite holiday dishes and make everyone happy. Need some ideas? Our favorites are reindeer brownies, gingerbread men, and rice krispy treat snowmen - delicious and always a hit! 🍾

Secret Santa to organize a gift exchange

Secret santa logoThe “Secret Santa” is a fun holiday tradition where you exchange gifts between people on your team! Since your team is already using Slack, the Secret Santa app is a great timesaver to help organize the exchange and send reminders. It’s an easy way to add some fun into your party with a bit of a surprise! 🎉

Music Digest to create a playlist for your party

music digest logoNo holiday party is complete without some festive music. Try the Music Digest Slack app to help collect songs from your team and create the ultimate holiday party playlist. Paste in Spotify URLs into your Slack channel and the app will collect the songs and make you a holiday playlist automatically - making it easy for folks to include their favorite songs. 🎶

Zoom to include your friends around the globe

zoom logoSlack is great for distributed teams, but holiday cheer is best spread face to face. Using Zoom with Slack allows teammates to join your holiday party anywhere in the world. We suggest adding a Zoom link into your Eventbot event, so that when the party starts everyone is just a click away from celebrating. 👥

We’d love to hear what apps your Slack team is using! Have you found some must-have apps that could help event organizers? Or have an idea for a whole new app? Great - tell us what you’d like to see as we’d love to hear from you! 💌

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