TL;DR: New options to allow RSVPs with guests or disable RSVPs entirely.

Eventbot has taken a big step this week, with new advanced options built right into Slack! When creating an event, you’ll now see a dropdown to select advanced options. This step is completely optional, so you can always skip this and quickly publish your event or simply change the dropdown to move to the next step. After clicking Create, you’ll be presented with your event in a draft state. You can choose to access the advanced options or publish the event as-is.

Wondering we use this two-step process? Skip to the bottom for more details.

Advanced options is a brand new territory for Eventbot and we’re excited to share the first few options. To start, we’ve kept the ability to create a recurring event. We released this feature in September, and think it’s best suited as part of advanced options. Next, you’ll see a new dropdown for RSVP options. As always, every event will have the ✅ and ⛔ options for RSVPs - though starting today, you’ll get two new options for your event RSVPs:

Slack calendar advanced optionsAllow RSVPs with guests 👥
Now you can enable your Slack users to RSVP with guests! With this setting enabled, your teammates will see a new dropdown to select guests after they RSVP. Users can choose 0-10 guests and always change their mind if needed. In the event details, Eventbot will show the RSVP as well as the count of guests. 🎉 With the holidays coming up, we hope this new feature will make party planning a breeze inside Slack. 😃

Disable RSVP buttons
Starting today, you can disable the RSVP buttons for any event through Eventbot’s advanced options. We listened to your feedback and often heard that RSVP buttons can be misleading or downright confusing for certain type of events. Perhaps your creating an event for a 🌴 vacation, 🍰 birthday, or 🎏 work holiday - now you can choose to disable the RSVP buttons entirely. Your users will still see the event in the channel, get the in-channel reminder and have the option to share the event across channels, just without the RSVP buttons.

These two new advanced options were chosen because of the great feedback we received. We’re excited to roll out more advanced options in the coming months! What other features would you use in your Slack workspace? Tell us what you’d like to see as we’d love to chat with you and add your ideas to the list 💌!

Why’d we choose this two-step workflow?
Slack calendar workflow eventsThe Eventbot team had hoped to use a simpler, more direct experience when selecting advanced options. However, we ran into some limitations inherent to the Slack platform. We obviously love Slack though we wish Eventbot could use the event creation window (called a Dialog in the Slack platform) more flexibly. The Dialog has a maximum of five fields and users can’t take users to another step. Ideally, we’d have a nice checkbox for advanced features and a “Next” button to go seamlessly to select those advanced options. We aren’t able to create that experience today, but we hope our current two-step process is relatively pain free. Let us know what you think and if you team has any feedback about this process. We’re always seeking to improve and will certainly evolve with Slack in the future. Thanks for reading this whole post! 🧡

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