TL;DR: A simpler date input, a new newsletter, and clarifications to participants.

Last week we launched our groundbreaking visual calendar inside Slack, and we’re so excited to see hundreds of teams already use this feature. We’ll have more to share on this feature in the future. This week, we’re kicking off a few experiments to help teams really get the most out of Eventbot.

Slack date input calendarOne way we’re doing this is by making the event creation process as quick and simple as possible. To that end, when creating a new event you’ll notice a pre-filled date/time field. All your same formats still work, so you can enter a single date, multi-day date range, or just a date and start time, It’s small, but we hope the prefilled date/time takes the guess work out of typing the right format… and it’s less typing, hooray! 😃

Another common request has been to better communicate new features in Eventbot. We know Slack channels can be fast-moving, and it’s easy to miss updates in the scrollback. So we kicked off another experiment, a regular Eventbot newsletter sent via Slack DM! We sent the first newsletter this week, and only to folks who’ve meaningfully engaged with Eventbot (so don’t worry, we’re not spamming your whole workspace). We’d hope to use this newsletter to preview new features, showcase successful Slack teams, and take the pulse of our users. What do you think of this newsletter? This is the first iteration, so we’re eager to hear your feedback 💌!

Finally, we’ve made some changes to our pricing to be more clear. Previously, we had a “participant” limit on our Free, Team, and Business plans. We’ve heard your feedback that “participants” was confusing as it could be mistaken for a count of all your users! So this week, we changed our pricing to refer to folks who engage with Eventbot as “RSVP’ers”. We hope it’s more clear how we’re measuring usage. 😎 Related to this change, we’re now only considering a user to be engaged if they RSVP to an event (no longer counting actions like creating an event, or sharing an event). This will give your teams more flexibility, no matter what Eventbot plan you are using.

We’re hoping to learn more from these experiments so that you can share the Eventbot love with your whole team. As always, send us a note 💌!

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