TL;DR: We’ve made Eventbot easier to use and reduced visual clutter

“Done is better than perfect” - Sheryl Sandberg

As a team of two, our focus is often concentrated on big new features that let you do more with Eventbot. From feedback to real feature, it feels great when we make users happy with new capabilities. However, as new features are added this sometimes results in a user experience that isn’t exactly as polished as we’d like. So in the last few weeks, we’ve been implementing some improvements to Eventbot’s user experience while maintaining the features you love.

“Quality means doing what’s right when no one is looking” - Henry Ford

One of the biggest updates we made was to the /events command, used to show the events for a given channel. Our data showed that the /events command was associated with relatively few RSVPs (compared to other messages) and the list of events took up lots of public screen real estate. So we converted /events to show events privately (but still maintained the option to post that list publicly). Since this duplicated the older /events peek command, we removed it - one less command to remember!

Slack calendar dismiss button We also heard from users that Eventbot can “clutter” up Slack visually with lots of messages. Instead of trimming the information we displayed, we did some testing and found a much cleaner solution using a “Dismiss” button. Now if you type /events, /events all, /events interest, /events mine or show the details for an event - we’ll show you a handy Dismiss button to remove the message when you’re done.

Finally, we decided to take a look at the data around RSVPs - where do users typically click ✅ or ⛔? We found that most folks will RSVP when the event is first added to the channel. We also noticed that many other notifications had very low RSVPs - like when the event is edited, cancelled, or restored. We saw this as an opportunity to do some clean up. Instead of posting the full event details (with RSVP buttons), we could show a much smaller message (below).

smaller updates in channel

Happy puppy image slack calendarThere are a few small changes we made across Eventbot - some you might never even notice. But we hope that the cumulative effect of these changes makes Eventbot a more pleasant experience. If you have any ideas, or areas of improvement sent us a note! 💌

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