TL;DR: Create as many events as you need across all Eventbot plans.

The Eventbot team is always testing out new ideas, and most importantly, listening to your feedback. Earlier this summer we introduced a limit to the number of events your team can create in a given month. And like all our experiments, we collected usage data as well as personal anecdotes to understand what those limits would do. Would folks create fewer events? Would teams use the product differently?

“Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.”
Jack Dorsey, Twitter

We found that the vast majority of teams weren’t even close to their limits. However, some of our largest and most active teams were being held back. After weighing lots of options, we decided to remove the event limits from all plans. 🎉 This means you can create as many events as needed with Eventbot. This change is already rolled out to all workspaces, so go wild and make some great events! 💖

On the topic of useful feedback, you’ve told us that our “Show me details” button can sometimes be confusing. Once clicked, we’d normally send a new (private) message to Slack with the details of the event.

However some folks didn’t realize the message was sent to the bottom of the channel and they needed to scroll down. We tried a few attempts to fix this (including adding an ⤵️ to the button), but in the end we think it’s better to make a more interactive message. So this week, we’ve also updated our message buttons. Now when you click “Details”, the full event details will be revealed in place. If you don’t want the whole channel to see this — you can always use “/events peek” to see the details privately. That’s the great new stuff landing in Eventbot this week.

Have some ideas about the event limit or the Details button? Tell us what you think! 💌

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